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Anonymous asked:
I'm white and I've heard people say this about me and hispanics, but I hate when people say "She's pretty for a mexican!".

I do too.
It’s just people being judgmental and prejudice.  

Anonymous asked:
If I am of Spanish descent can I call myself Hispanic? Spanish is not my prominent origin, and neither of my parents or grandparents or great grandparents are from Spain, I'm just of a lot of Spaniard descent. It is apart of my culture and who I am..

You can call yourself Hispanic, since it is a part of who you are. 

Anonymous asked:
my indigenous mexican friends always joke about how white I am it's getting annoying and idk if they know that it's not even a joke anymore btw I'm mexican of spanish descent

I feel you’re pain.

Maybe you should just tell them it hurts your feelings or just say “I wasn’t brought up the same way but it doesn’t make me any less Hispanic than any of you.” 

Anonymous asked:
do you think it's kind of stupid that a white hispanic has never played the role of a hispanic in a tv show bc everyone thinks hispanics look super dark and have curves all over the place

Alexis Bledel is Hispanic and she’s super white looking. She’s in the sisterhood of the traveling pants and Gilmore girls. I think it would be nice to see lighter skinned actors/actresses.

she-lukessoperfect asked:
Omg number 66 is so true. Once when it was hot outside I took of my jacket and this kid was like " why are your arms so hairy?!!" I was like wtf and the other day it was hot (again) and I didn't want to take of my sweater because I was embarrassed and he was like "you're so stupid why are you wearing a sweater it's hot outside" and I stepped on his foot

Embrace your hairy arms! Who cares what other’s think? It’s your body, be proud. 

Anonymous asked:
if I was a good actress I would try to be the first european hispanic to play the role of a hispanic in american television just to prove to all those ignorant bitches that you don't have to have an accent, dark hair, dark eyes, curves, and be from Latin America to be hispanic

I feel it. Not sure if you wanted this to be a post or not. Let me know if you did and I will make it one asap!