Anonymous asked:
If I'm born in the USA but my parents are from Guatemala and I talk spanish but with a little accent can I call myself hispanic or Guatemalan?

Yeah, I don’t see why not. 

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Sorry about the super long hiatus. Life got in the way but I plan on making posts with all of your lovely submissions. I plan on getting them up around the end of the week, so send in more submissions!

in-these-genes asked:
When a white girl says "your hairs so curly!" 😒 or when they ask "is it natural" 😒😒😒. SERIOUSLY

This is a number already, but thanks for the submission! Send in more!

pastorbait asked:
this blog is gold, props from a hispanic boy :) especially with the persian looking thing i thought i was the only one who ever got that lol

Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
Why do you identify as "Hispanic"?

I’m Spanish & Mexican. Sooo..

Anonymous asked:
Some of your confessions like "When you're close to looking like a white girl but then your butt, boobs, waist and thighs prove you wrong" are irritating and rude to white females but also reinforce the myth that ALL latina girls are curvy and if they do not fit into this curvy body type, they are either ugly or "not Latina" enough. Also, Hispanic and Latina is not a race and you get some people who are both white and Latino so this is a little bit alienating to them! Other than that, nice blog!

I just put down what people submit. I’m sorry if you or anyone else may have been offended.

Anonymous asked:
This is to someone who said post 75. was racist like no you can't be racist to a white person you can discriminate against them but not racist because racism = power to oppress + prejudice. I love this blog btw <3

Sorry I haven’t updated anything

My internet has been down an I’m on my phone:( I’ll update as soon as I can.

Anonymous asked:
lol this blog applies to me 100% , i love it!


Sorry for not posting anything for a while.

I’ve been super busy with school and work and my god daughter, so please just stay with me here!